on theming and Jesus people

It’s going to sound like I’m trying to be all “super-spiritual,” but that’s not the intent of this little idea. It’s just something nifty to think about if you do any themed parties in your college ministry.

Let’s say your campus ministry has a retreat with a 70s theme. Or maybe you have a fun Bollywood night (like the one I enjoyed last night). Or perhaps this year’s Fall Party is Cowboy-riffic.

When I’ve attended some things like that, I’ve realized how cool it might be to hear something about how Christianity looks / looked in that culture, era, or people group. If we’re talking 70s, maybe we play a Jesus Movement song or two. For Bollywood, we hear about the Indian church, missionaries, or service needs. And collegiate cowboys and cowgirls, of course, might sing whatever they’re singing these days at Cowboy Churches (yes, if you’ve never heard of those, they’re pretty prevalent down here).

(And don’t forget – these Millennials we serve especially like both “vintage” and “international” / “multicultural,” so those are other reasons this could be a win.)

Certainly, there’s no mandate that we put explicitly “spiritual” overtones on every social event. But I think there’s something pretty cool about reminding ourselves – in the midst of other awesomeness – that we are indeed Christians. So there’s some edification in getting purposely excited about how Jesus people look in all corners (and all eras).

And if our fun and our Jesus are always separate, then we’re doing it wrong… right?


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  1. Shaunquia

    That is something really important to think about…”If our FUN and our JESUS are

    always separate”…how will be see that side of Jesus…

    Good thoughts

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