the spin-off small group (four days of frideas, part 1)

As you may know, I just finished up one series about Front Door Hospitality. But as many of us continue to plug along in the craziest portion of the entire year, I thought I’d use the rest of this week just to offer some focused ideas. Maybe these will scratch where you itch, maybe they won’t. But even if they get us thinking (or rethinking) about the year-to-come, that’s huge…

…because pondering done now pays off far better than pondering done later in the school year.

Hope these are helpful! Here’s the first one:

What if your college ministry small groups spun off of the large group topic?

Some of you already do this.

But for others, it might be worth considering.

If you’ve chosen your Large Group message topics with purpose and precision (and I deeply hope you have), then it’s possible that the best thing for your small groups could be going even deeper on those issues.

Plus, these kinds of tie-ins can encourage Movement: helping students step from areas of lighter involvement (like attendance at the Large Group) to areas of deeper involvement (like joining a small group).

variations on this idea (not suggestions, but potential versions):

  • Have just a few groups dedicated to this method, out of several small group options.
  • Offer this for only part of the semester, tying into one Large Group Meeting series.
  • Offer this within a “newbies group,” as a short-term opportunity to give small groups a try. (The whole tie-in thing could especially encourage those who come regularly to Large Group to consider jumping into the small group.)
  • “Leave ’em hanging”: Purposely ask questions, bring up a tough issue, only cover half the passage, or otherwise provide a cliffhanger that will only be covered in that small group.

Any of the above could be combined, too.


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