better brainstorming AND crazy ideas for move-in: two back-to-school (audio) frideas

My annoyingly long title explains the themes of today’s post, which is my attempt to cram in a couple of College Ministry Frideas you might find helpful as the school year starts.

However, these two Frideas happen to come to you via audio, from a seminar and “application time” I led at this summer’s Campus Ministry United forum.

In the first half, I discussed a better way for college ministers (and their students / student leaders) to come up with ideas for the campus ministry. I was encouraged by the phenomenal feedback I got on this talk, so while it does cover some of the ground I’ve discussed here at the blog, hopefully you’ll find it encouraging. (I imagine this is the time of year when lots of brainstorming is taking place!)

The second half starts with some Q&A, but then the audience and I had the chance to apply the “Better Brainstorming” I had described in the first half. I took suggestions from the audience about what we might brainstorm about, and they chose the ever-popular Back-to-School Move-In. So if Move-In is something your college ministry participates in as the school year opens, you might enjoy hearing all the “modifications” we brainstormed together. Or if you listened to the first half, this is a great chance to see that “Better Brainstorming” method in action.

Here’s the audio, available for free download from Campus Ministry United. Right-click the links to save the file to your computer (by clicking “Save Target As,” “Save Link As,” or something similar). Or you can probably play it directly (by simply clicking on the link) if you have a good connection.

NOTE: I realized last night that if I didn’t get this up here, it might be too late. (Sorry if you’re already past the time when better brainstorming OR move-in ideas help…) However, I haven’t actually listened to the audio of these messages. (Largely, I’ve been procrastinating because I hate hearing myself on tape.) So I can’t vouch for their quality or how well they picked up what happened in those neat sessions. Hopefully, though, you can find a lot of it quite usable – and because time is of the essence, I wanted to post ’em anyway.

Let me know what you think!


  1. Hey man, just wanted to let you know we’ve put your brainstorming techniques to good use this semester. They helped us reaffirm our overall direction and goals, and got us to some really creative solutions for some scheduling issues we had to deal with. The what, when, who, where sliders are great stuff. Thanks!

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  3. That’s really great, Nick. Thanks a bunch for letting me know. Yeah, I really appreciate thinking through those “sliders” myself.

    I think I mentioned it on the podcast, but Free Prize Inside by Godin would be worth reading… while he comes at it from a somewhat different angle, it’s definitely where I got the idea from.

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