you’re going to change the world this year

You are part of a mighty throng of college ministers.

(I know they’re out there. I’ve seen them.)

The school year is upon us. (Well, most of us.) Plans are in place – and no, they’re not perfect. Decisions are made. You may have very little chance to adjust, to enhance, to breathe for the next several weeks.

But what you tell your supporters…

…your prayer warriors…

…your family…

…your friends…

…yourself, on occasion…

is true: This is a world-changing endeavor. Believe it (or else you’ve been lying!).

Since you will minister to college students for the next 9 months,

the world will change.

The dots are generally unconnectable. The freshman girl who considered doing anything for a date (now that’s she’s finally in college) may not ever tell you that was her original plan. You may lose track of the nerdy guy long before he becomes a Jesus-follower disguised as a prominent consultant. That foursome that grew closer to each other – and Jesus – because of your ministry won’t think to write a thank-you note after they’ve borne much fruit through a church plant.

But you’ll see glimpses of impact now.

Don’t let the glimpses go unnoticed. Don’t discount them. Don’t “get used to them.” Let the glimpses encourage you.

We need encouragement. We’re college ministers.

And the truth is, in all likelihood, you’ll actually change the world this year;

you’re a college minister.

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