why you should consider Catalyst this year

If you’re already joining us, who could you invite? Send ’em to this address: http://bit.ly/cmcohort (the Facebook Event page) or have them read this post!

And for all of us: C’mon, everybody! It’s planning time! This would be a great addition to your Fall sched!

the basics:

  • THE Christian leadership conference in our country
  • connecting with dozens of college ministers from all kinds of settings and with all kinds of experience (See the list of those already signed up on the Facebook Event!)
  • perks! (We’re in talks with multiple orgs to get meals, resources, and other freebies!)
  • top-notch training for your student leaders (if you wanna bring ’em)

a little more detail:

Catalyst Conference is THE premier Christian leadership training event in the U.S.. Twelve thousand mostly younger leaders will join together in Atlanta October 7th & 8th. Some will come a day before for the Catalyst Labs, as well. This is a phenomenal leadership training event, so it’s perfect for you… and even for your student leaders!

Craig Groeschel. Francis Chan. Seth Godin. Tim Elmore. Jon Acuff. Seth Godin. Beth Moore. Andy Stanley. Alan Hirsch. Reggie Joiner. And only thirty-five more in the Labs and on the Main Stage.

But to add value to something already valuable, we’ve got a College Ministers’ Cohort. Really.

We’ll be gathering in the breaks during Catalyst (like for meals). It’s a chance to meet others who do what we do, from all over the country. I’ve met several of those early birds who have already signed up – and I know who several others are. These are some incredible college ministers. And we’re hoping for FREEbies (including free meals, books, resources, and more).

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll spend an additional day together on Saturday! We’ll be brainstorming together about applying what we learn from the amazing Catalyst speakers directly to college ministry. This isn’t only a chance to learn for your ministry (from great college ministry thinkers from around the country), it’s a chance to help others shape college ministry. Really. You’ll be a part of something big.

And the Cohort is FREE, the Catalyst Conference is only $219 with our group code, and you can buy an airplane ticket right now for pretty cheap. Or… road trip to Atlanta!

Sound good? Sign up as Maybe or Attending at the Cohort event page. I’ll send out the group code again this weekend!

But that’s not all! (There’s stuff for your students!)

Catalyst holds a very cool event within its conference each year called Catalyst University. It’s a chance for your students to attend the amazing leadership training of Catalyst and even an additional Saturday training with some top-notch people.

And they can earn college credit. Really.

That’s right – those ten speakers above (and another 35) could train your student leaders. Live. Students attend Catalyst with you; then, if they’re signed up for the 3-credit-hour option, they do their thing on Saturday while you’re hanging with us at the Cohort!

Sound good? More on Catalyst University right here.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested at all, sign up as a Maybe on the Cohort event page so we know you’re a Maybe. And if you are indeed ready to take the plunge, make sure you – and any college ministers coming with you – let us know by RSVPing!


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