not to be missed: outstanding ideas for your college ministry’s first month

As the 2010-2011 school year comes closer and closer, ideas for excellence – especially in Month One – are much appreciated. So for this week’s Fridea, I wanted to link you to the two posts from this week’s College Ministry Blog-a-Thon that provided methods most directly.

Most of all, I wanted to make sure nobody missed these posts, penned by campus ministry all-stars Brian Barela (of national Campus Crusade leadership) and Linda Osborne (of national Baptist Collegiate Ministry leadership).

Descriptions immediately below, or you can go ahead and jump to Linda’s post or Brian’s post.

Linda’s post, “Making the Most of the 1st Month of the University Year,” offers 17 superb ideas centered around four key Tasks every college minister should take into consideration. As I commented there, Linda’s post offers wisdom on being great in the basics of solid college ministry in a way that few – because they lack her breadth of experience – can offer. She introduces those tasks by writing,

Collegiate Ministries have a key window of opportunity to enter into a student’s life during the first month of the year. Consider the following tasks for making the most of the first month…

Click here to read her outstanding post.

Brian’s brilliantly titled post, “4000 Ways to Maximize the First Four Weeks on Campus,” obviously deals with much the same focus. But like usual, Barela cuts to the chase with direct, practical, and unromantic observations about what will actually work. And also as he often does, his post inspired some outstanding Q&A in the comments, so be sure to check that out.

Brian begins his post by observing a problem in many college ministries:

I’ve been doing campus ministry for over seven years with Campus Crusade for Christ and I have never seen a ministry grow significantly larger than the size of the first official meeting. Yet ministries often treat the first day, week, and month the same as every other week, except with a larger amount of excitement and anticipation.

Click here to read the ways Brian suggests we engage the first weeks not only with gusto but with effectiveness.


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