monday mish mash, coming atcha

First off, an important announcement about activity in the College Ministry Blogosphere:

Tomorrow through Thursday, Guy Chmieleski is hosting a “Back to School Blog-a-Thon,” bringing together quite a few people to talk about Back-to-School thoughts. My post – about an important aspect we shouldn’t forget in the first weeks – will probably go up on Tuesday.

I encourage you to read the posts and participate in the discussion! You can find it here, starting Tuesday:

Meanwhile, I’ve found myself deluged with some interesting / important / helpful resources for us in the world of College Ministry, so I figured it was high time for a potpourri post. Enjoy!

Audio from a College Ministry Conf: I’ll likely post more on this later, but it’s high time I linked to the audio from the recent Campus Ministry United conference. How great is it that they tape everything? How great is it that they let us have it for free?!

Tips for Incoming Students: Fuller Youth Institute posts some tips for freshmen, written from the perspective of the church sending them out. It’s a cool list.

Reaching Freshmen: The guru of To-College Transitions for Southern Baptist college ministries is Steve Masters. In this post, he discusses ways to involve freshmen in your ministry – not only once they arrive, but even right now!

International Students: In that same monthly email from the world of Baptist Collegiate Ministry, I was pointed to a post on preparing “Welcome Bags” for incoming international students. A great, practical list.

The Email List: While I’m at it, I might as well note that you can subscribe to that Baptist Collegiate Ministry mailing list at the bottom of this page. The quarterly newsletter does provide some helpful ideas and thoughts!

Methods for the Start of School: If you missed it, last Friday I posted links to several methods for the new year! Oldies but (hopefully) goodies!


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  1. PB

    Really like the “Reaching Freshmen” link. Making a Freshmen leadership team is a great idea for getting them in the fold right away and building in to the leaders of your ministry tomorrow.

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