methods for the school-start: a grab bag

As this week’s Fridea, I want to turn the corner toward… the Start of School! I figured if I could begin offering ideas this early, they might seamlessly fit into your new-semester plans, or even just help springboard you to even better thoughts!

(And as this yearly ritual begins, yes, those of you on the Quarter System can laugh at the rest of us and enjoy your extra month. But hopefully this can help you in September!)

I thought I’d round up some ideas from past posts here on the blog, link them here, and not post again ’til Monday. That way, if you want to dive in, you’ll have some time to do just that – pick and choose to your liking. (And I’ll be able to focus on moving into my new place; you can read briefly about that here.)

If you want even more, you can always look through the Categories list for categories that are most pertinent to your ministry. That’s the very best way to scratch where you itch!

But without further ado, some interesting ideas for the Start of School:


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  1. PB

    Awesome information, but overloaded. Can you breakdown each of those ideas for me? How would you rank their importance? impact? Which one is best for a mature ministry? a developing one?

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