parody like a man, man

This week we saw college ministry learnings from the Old Spice Man. Before leaving our new friend altogether, here’s one more note, for fun and for profit.

In the fall, plenty of colleges and ministries will find opportunities to parody the Old Spice campaigns. My encouragement? If we’re going to parody, parlay, allude, promote, or offer an homage… might as well do it with excellence!

So here’s inspiration from (of all places) the BYU library, which has parodied well – and with purpose. Then a bonus: an awesome collegiate homage to the show Glee by the Buckeye tribe (including Brutus and the university prez!).

And while these two videos are fantastic, of course the wisdom is clear: Before we jump on the bandwagon, it’s worth asking IF the purposes it accomplishes for our campus ministries are worth the immense time involved to get it right! …Right?

Thanks to Mark Warrington for pointing me to the OSU vid. Interestingly enough, soon after this Glee-inspired flash mob, art imitated life imitating art: The show presented its own Glee-inspired-flash-mobs-inspired dream sequence. (If you’re interested, I found a cool article looking at this phenomenon and flash mobs in general.)


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