a superb list of books for our field

If you’re unfamiliar with Byron Borger and Hearts & Minds Books, then that’s a major piece of our field that you should add to your puzzle! But it’s likely you have seen him / them, especially if you’ve made it to an Ivy Jungle gathering or the Jubilee Conference anytime recently.

This week, Byron released a gigantic list of books focused on ministry to young adults, by which he means the segment past high school. In other words, this is perhaps the most exhaustive annotated list available for books connected to the field of College Ministry!

Here’s how it begins, and you can click the link to see Borger’s impressive list:

Sometimes I like to share with readers some of the lists I generate for customers who inquire.  Just today I did a serious list of commentaries about 1 & 2 Timothy, a brief list about war & peace, a good list of some favorite novels for a church-based reading group, and a bunch of books for a friend who has a seeker at work who may read about a book about Christian faith. Want to see ’em, such as they are, just give a holla.

Here is another I just finished, at 2 am tonight.  It is for a good friend who is writing a paper on how churches might reach out to young adults, and how to better understand that “missing generation.”  Since we just did that special offer on the Outsider Interviews I figured this might be good to share now.

Please keep in mind it isn’t exhaustive, and was created for a customer I know well.  There could be some others, but this pretty much is just the real list I sent out today.  Thanks for allowing me to send it to you, here, as well.

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