snippets of interest from the cmu workshop

Like you, a lot of the value I get from college ministry conferences comes through the glorious bits-and-pieces – little ideas to try, little items to research later, perhaps a product or two to buy.

So I wanted to share with you the ideas that have popped out to me already here at the Campus Ministry United Workshop. Enjoy pondering with me. Wish you were here!

Outreach-focused spiritual communities: Kerry Cox, director of A Cross Between at Lindenwood U, described his… basically, a medium-step for outsiders, like I described recently after seeing in Brazil – and ACB’s seem just as fun and loud as we saw at Starbucks that one night. A very exciting idea, indeed!

Exegeting a campus through anonymous “feedback boards”: Has a college ministry on your campus done this yet? It’s pretty prevalent. And it’s not just a cool way to connect with your campus, but also a cool way to learn your campus.

Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship: A national, though apparently small, denominational college ministry I haven’t had the blessing to meet… yet. But two of the college ministers here (both from Arkansas) have them on their campuses. I’m sure I’ll be Googling it soon

Humans vs. Zombies: This fellowship is where I first heard of this campus-wide game, but other college ministries have seen benefit from it, too, apparently! I blogged about it back in March, linking to Wes Woodell’s article about it. (I ran into RUF using it at OU this past semester, too.)

Minute to Win It: Of course this show’s games can make for great college ministry activities. Somebody mentioned it here, my own church has been using it back home, and it’s particularly “summery,” don’t you think?

Becoming Campus Org of the year: Clint Hill’s Christians in Action did it last year at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, and that’s after a church split left him with two students to start (over) with. It was good to hear Clint share about their ministry here. Not a bad thing for college ministries to get excited about – and they’re not the only ones I’ve heard of that have served their campus in such recognizable ways!

Do college ministers get unnecessarily bored?: Clint brought up this interesting point, and I think the answer is a very dangerous Yes. We should beware our tendency to innovate for the sake of innovation and change not because our students need something new but because we’ve been doing the same thing over and over. In a field where our audience constantly turns over… we’re probably going to do a lot of repeat planting, watering, waiting, reaping. You know, like faithful farmers do.

Evangelism vs. Evangelism Training: Finally, I enjoyed hearing a story from a college minister yesterday about a student who came to Christ as a result of being trained in evangelism. One way to share the Gospel with our students – especially those who might think they’ve “heard it all before” – is to share about sharing the Gospel!


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