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A few different Book-related items came across my desk recently, so I wanted to point you to these resources!

book sales: Westminster Theological Seminary AND Hearts & Minds Books

Are you familiar with either of these spots? Even if you’re not in the book-buying mood at the moment, they’re worth checking out, for sure.

First, WTSBooks is having a Moving Sale – so some 45 “staff favorites” and all ESV Bibles are a whopping 45% off. Only through July 14th!

And Byron Borger at Hearts & Minds is having a clever Independence Week sale on selected stuff – it’s 17.76% off! Get it? But it’s only this week…

two books worth reading

I have the chance to speak at the Campus Ministry United Workshop this week, on the topic of Better Brainstorming. In preparing for my seminar, I was reminded of the extreme value (for campus ministry) of two Seth Godin works: Purple Cow and its putting-it-into-practice cousin, Free Prize Inside. More people will probably find immediate use for Purple Cow, but they’re both fantastic if you’re willing to both think outside of our normal avenues AND do the work necessary to apply secular, marketing thought to our field. It’s quite relevant, if you let it be (and, of course, if you “eat the fish and throw away the bones” as you read).

two titles I’m anticipating

Generation iY by Tim Elmore. Tim has been my biggest influence in understanding the Millennials (i.e. members of Generation Y), so I can’t wait to see all that in book form. (Tim also influenced my use of “eat the fish and throw away the bones,” as seen in the above paragraph.)

Speaking of the Millennials, Thom Rainer and his son, Jess, are putting out a book aptly titled The Millennials next January. While I can’t find a “page” for the book yet, you can follow the book on Twitter and win a copy!

As I’ve argued before, it’s incredibly profitable to learn our audience, and now that means knowing the Millennial Generation! Hopefully these books will help us do that even better.


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