how’s recruiting going (right now)? …this week’s fridea

Simple, simple, simple. But this week’s Fridea can still change lives (and impact your ministry):

If you haven’t already, make sure your recruitment is already happening – well – for incoming freshmen.

Here’s what I mean: There are freshmen out there who are actually spending time getting to know their new school, two or three months before they’ll be entering your campus tribe. Some of them are Googling – right now – searching for a church. Others are just Googling something like “ut ministry” (and after realizing that there are two UTs, they’re correcting that to “university of tennessee ministry”). Plenty are just surfing around, seeing what they can find.

Others have begun to attend various orientations your campus holds through the summer. Some freshmen and their parents are making their own “orientation,” showing up in town to check things out.

Some freshmen will receive “introduction packets” this summer from your school.

Others may be open to hearing from old friends (who just happen to be in your ministry)… if, of course, you’ve encouraged that recruiting.

So the question is, Are you recruiting now?

(Remember, I don’t discuss “recruiting” only in the hopes that you can get new students. I believe it’s actually a form of discipleship – or can be.)

Have you…

  • Audited your web page – thoroughly – for correct information, a welcoming vibe, and incoming-student-centric info?
  • Contacted students directly (if your campus lets you in on the “list”)?
  • Developed materials just for this vital time – like special fliers for Orientation, or a special “landing page” on your web site just for incoming students?
  • Thought about how your materials (like the above points) connect with students’ parents, too?
  • Done what you can to connect with churches, Young Life clubs, and others “sending” students to your school?
  • Put fliers or other ads around campus, simply for those who might be checking things out or attending Summer School?
  • Prayed and thought about any other ways to pre-recruit?


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