a great chance & crazy dance (an update)

Summer has brought interesting days for me and the whole Exploring College Ministry project! So thanks for letting me share some upcoming opportunities and other updates from my world. I appreciate your prayers, as I continue to help push the field of College Ministry to be even stronger.

ev free 2010 leadership conference, columbus, oh

Next week, I have one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve had: The chance to talk to a denomination’s church leaders about developing a College Student Plan within their churches. I’ll be speaking at the Evangelical Free Church Leadership Conference next Wednesday morning! From the description of the seminar:

“Not every church needs a standard, holistic college ministry… but every church that encounters college students must plan for that encounter.” The need for a particular College Student Plan in each church is one of the conclusions drawn from Benson’s unique college ministry experiences… In this session, he’ll share what he’s learned about success in this vital area – as well as how churches sometimes fail, even with all the best intentions! Whether a church simply has a few graduating seniors in the youth group or it sits next door to a college campus and hopes to reach that “tribe” with gusto, this session will look at developing a great College Student Plan (and why it matters in the first place).

How awesome is it that a denomination would even focus on this stuff?

So I would really appreciate your prayers: For clarity, for the right attendees at the seminar, for wisdom in both the prepared seminar and the Q&A, and for church leaders simply to care about college students in big ways. Also, please pray for openness in those who attend; my approach encourages church leaders away from certain methods (and certain isolationism) that can be pretty common, including encouraging them to PARTNER with present ministries when that’s a better plan.

I imagine my blog will springboard from this experience a little bit next week, so that should be fun! (Here’s the first of those.)

crazy times

Meanwhile, this past month has been a unique time around here. For the first time in a long time, I’ve needed to weigh changes in my schedule and situation – centered around the need somehow to pay for my continued work in our field.

Honestly, it feels like a real “hinge” moment for this ministry. And that includes being able to continue blogging; while that’s my hope, I have to be open to whatever changes I need to make in light of the present trickiness. But some exciting potential “next steps” have popped up in the midst of this crux, so… we’ll see what God wants to do.

Of course, if you have any desire to use me (I think you’d be thrilled by how I can help!) or to donate to the cause, either is extremely appreciated. Or if you know of others who would benefit from my expertise OR just like supporting ministries that are aiming to change the world, send them my way.

And regardless of any of that, I do ask you to pray! I need wisdom and resources (both, it seems, more now than ever!) – and, as always, I need a willingness to obey any path forward God wants to reveal!

Thanks, friends. Thanks for making this Exploring College Ministry project so much fun over the last three years!


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