a 4-year loan

Just an encouragement for the summer, no matter what kind of college ministry you’re in:

It’s likely you’re the only college minister in your students’ lives, even if they’re spending these three months away from your campus. There just aren’t enough for us to go around. So students are probably not walking back into powerful impact.

They probably don’t have one at home… or a youth minister who will ask… or opportunities to be shepherded much in extremely relevant ways.

Some will stick with Christ… find a mentor… go on missions… do some sort of Summer Project… work at a Christian camp… or otherwise grow faster and better than they did during the school year.

But many won’t.

And those who don’t will likely walk backwards a few steps. Maybe a few miles. Especially because for some, “home” is a place of old-life and old-man and old-nature.

So we can be that “otherwise,” that reason they still grow (in a time, the collegiate summertime, that perhaps offers more potential for growth than any other time they’ll have ’til retirement) even if they’re not mentored, missioned, on a Project, or at a camp.

I have to believe that when God gives us students, He’s loaning them for their entire time in the collegiate world, whether or not they’re under our noses. So when they’re home for summer (or in town for summer, or studying abroad next semester, or taking a semester off but still very much in “our world” rather than the Young Adult one…), He probably still has plans for us-plus-them.

It will look different than when they’re local or when school is in session. And hopefully, there IS a chance to partner with others who will carry the baton for the summer… but again, there probably isn’t right now.

There probably is only one college minister in their lives. It’s probably you.

(So once that’s settled – and take it to the Lord, don’t just take my word for it – I bet He’ll show you what to do about it, too.)


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