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I promise not to fill my blog with too many posts about the upcoming Cohort we’re organizing for college ministers at the Catalyst Conference. But since the deadline for really cheap tickets is June 24th, I wanted to give you a few more things to consider – and ways to help!

the lineup

At your last college ministry conference, did you get to hear from

  • Francis Chan?
  • Beth Moore?
  • Seth Godin?
  • Alan Hirsch?
  • Anne Jackson?
  • Andy Stanley?


Yet those are only six of the forty-five speakers at Catalyst Conference (including the Labs) this year. Perhaps you’ll check out – and ask questions at – Labs seminars led by Tim Elmore (one of the major thought leaders in college ministry over the last decade), Reggie Joiner (who just wrote a book connected to college ministry), or John Ortberg (who pastors one of the churches that participates in the amazing Ascent college ministry network). And we’ll all hear Gabe Lyons, author of one of the most oft-recommended books for college ministry these days, unChristian.

You could also investigate those leading in the social issues our students are intrigued by: Jamie Tworkowski (To Write Love on Her Arms), Nicole Baker Fulgham (Teach for America), Scott Harrison (advocate for safe drinking water), Tyler Wigg-Stevenson (advocate for nuclear disarmament), and others like them who are certainly worth learning from… and might be worth bringing to your campus in the future!

Nope, the forty-five speakers won’t all be talking directly about the work of college ministry. But that’s where the Cohort comes in – among other things, it’s the immediate chance to chew on the connections between what those speakers say and what God has called us to. (And you’ll be doing that with college ministers and college ministry thinkers from around the U.S.!)

the word-of-mouth

What’s your circle? Surely you have one – even if it’s just your fellow college ministers in town. Or maybe you’re part of a regional or national group, a network of like-minded college ministers, or some other circle. And maybe some of the ladies and fellas in that circle are either planning to come to Catalyst or might be interested.

Would you please consider telling them about the Cohort? This is a “come one, come all” event. A “the more, the merrier” event. An event where the value rises (and the opportunities increase) as more and more people get involved. From every branch of college ministry, from every region of the country… that seems like a pleasant thing to hope for!

A blog can go a long way in spreading the word. So can a Facebook or email blast. So can a Tweet or a post on your Facebook profile – and feel free to use the short address (http://bit.ly/cmcohort). Of course, you can invite anyone you want to directly, via the Facebook Event. And please feel free to click on the above picture and steal that for use anywhere you choose!

the gal on the inside

Until she became a Catalyst intern (like 3 weeks ago), Ashley Williams was a Missouri college minister. Now, she’s not only helping prepare for this mega-conference, but they’re letting her take this little Cohort and run with it… meaning the Catalyst people are already paying attention to our field in a new way!

So if you’re interested in signing up and such, you can go through the normal channels (and remember, I’ll be sending every “Attending” and “Maybe Attending” person our discount-rate Group Code in the next day or two). Or you can contact Ashley directly – which is particularly valuable if you need to sign up some of your college students, who get an even better deal than we “adults” do, or if those students might even be interested in getting college credit for attending Catalyst!

So feel free to ask me any questions about the activities of the Cohort, but feel free to send Ashley any questions about getting to Catalyst. Her contact info is ashley.williams at catalystspace.com and (678) 225-3101.

In any case, we’re looking at an excellent week in early October!

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