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As you know, I’m fascinated by the many differences between “campus tribes.” One of those differentation points comes whenever our country’s educational system and our country’s military intersect.

I had the neat chance recently to meet a college minister at the Air Force Academy (fittingly, today’s Campus Tribe of the Day), and I met another guy on the Brazil trip who used to serve at the Naval Academy. I’ve got a Campus Crusade friend at the Citadel. And I spent a lot of time around the prestigious Corps of Cadets while attending Texas A&M.

On this Memorial Day, I want to point out a special niche that can be found on plenty of campuses. And on plenty of those campuses, the citizens of this niche might – because of schedule, identity, and/or openness to certain outreach – be worth considering for special ministry. Or even if you simply make a special effort to draw them into your present ministry, I bet you find many of the men and women in this niche to be particularly committed, particularly service-minded, particularly noble.

That niche, of course, is the “military-minded” – whether this is working with ROTC members, those on the GI bill, or even reaching onto campuses that have a large (or fully) military presence.

Anybody serving in the sorts of capacities I mentioned at the top would probably be able to provide tips a’plenty – so if you’re interested in that niche, no need to recreate the wheel: Ask someone who already IS invested.

(I also know Valor is the niche of Campus Crusade that reaches cadets and midshipmen, and The Navigators has a long history of impacting those in the military and those on campuses. Any other suggestions?)


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  1. Definitely a great niche to highlight. They’re probably more serious-minded than the rest of us, given the kind of work their students are preparing for!

    My brother-in-law was heavily involved with BSU at the Naval Academy. They seem to have a real strong presence there, and do a great job keeping up with alumni (I’ve read the newsletters).

  2. Having been in the military for 9 years now, I completely recognize the need to these young men and women. I had a campus pastor in college who was also a Navy Chaplain, he told me, ‘if you want to do some real ministry, do the chaplaincy.’ I have given this much thought as one of my next moves (within the national guard and my ministry). The majority of people in the military are 18-25 years old. You have 22 year old’s making life and death decisions every day! There is a HUGE need within this demographic to minister. I have seen so much hurt, stupidity and longing for direction in these military men and women. Thanks Benson for recognizing this area!

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