the casual catalyst conference college ministers cohort: details!

I’ve been promising details on our upcoming Casual Catalyst Conference College Ministry Cohort, and since then I’ve had chances to get input, connect with Catalyst people, and think through this excellent opportunity to gather and collaborate. If you didn’t see the original announcement, you should check it out here.

We’re actually getting some pretty cool Catalyst support, it turns out, beginning with a Group Code for a big discount on admission – thanks to Catalyst Concierge Chad Johnson. And just yesterday I got to chat with Ashley Williams, a former college minister who’s now our “gal-on-the-inside” at Catalyst.

Today’s announcement should cover what you need to know for scheduling purposes – and to start getting your fellow college ministers on board! But I’ll be hammering out more specifics over the next few months – so I really want your input. How can we best add college-ministry-value to an event (Catalyst) that is already great?

(Check out Catalyst’s phenomenal site here.)

main things

1. The Casual Cohort is FREE to join. So whenever I mention “registering,” I’m talking about Catalyst. Obviously, there might be outside activities (like meals) you might need cash for, but I’m working on getting some freebies in that department… and possibly for housing…

2. The next registration deadline is June 24th. That’s your chance to get your ticket for the humongo Catalyst Conference for only $199… but ONLY with our special College Ministers’ Group Code. (If you’re bringing college students, they’re even cheaper – but you’ll need to call Catalyst to get that set up. If you do, be sure to still let them know you’re coming with our group and use the Code for yourself.)

3. Our Facebook event page is the way to get that Group Code, as well as serving as our main portal for sharing Cohort details, attendees, speakers, sponsors, etc.. Check it out here. You’ll need to RSVP as Attending or Maybe Attending to get details as they’re available. Obviously, we don’t want to post the Group Code here, but I’ll send it to everyone who has joined the group in a few days… and I’ll include it with later updates, too.

4. Our schedule will mostly coincide with Catalyst’s own schedule, since this is a casual cohort. We’ll generally take opportunities to get together (for meals, for example), without burdening you with extra activities in what’s already an intense conference. (For those who make it for the Catalyst Labs before the main conference, we will have stuff on that day, too.)

We will, however, have an additional “catalytic” experience on Saturday, October 9th. So those who stay for the extra day will be in for further, focused college ministry collaboration, learning, and connections.

other details

5. Reservations, etc., are important – I understand that. Especially if you’re bringing a group of students or staff, I’d encourage you to go ahead and get those set up. But I will be asking some of my contacts to see if we might find some ministries with available “host homes” or other living quarters, especially for those college ministers coming without groups. I’ll keep you posted.

6. Ideas are, again, much appreciated.

7. Please spread the word. This is an exciting chance to participate in a significant conference, in a significant way. This has the potential to put college ministry on the radar of Christian leaders throughout the country in a new way. But whether it helps our field in that way or not, it certainly gives college ministers the chance to cross lines, learn together, and collaborate around Big Christian Leadership Ideas.

8. Get excited about “benefits.” I’ve already been surprised by the reception I’ve gotten to this idea – and not just from college ministers, but also from groups that want to help “sponsor” our time. If you know of other groups that might be interested in helping sponsor stuff (meals, for example), giving out freebies, or otherwise connecting with college ministers in a mutually beneficial way, have them contact me directly.

Just remember: Your main way to get future details is to join the Facebook event, even just as a Maybe. So… I’ll see you over there!

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