info cards for everyone! (a fridea)

Yeah, it’s a Fridea on Saturday. I’ve been in Brazil.

One of the very simple ideas we used this week in Brazil – and one that seemed to bear a lot of fruit – was giving all of our team members small business cards about Zoe. The cards very simply advertised the church – with the name and the web page, but also with the two Starbucks gatherings that are hosted each week.

This isn’t unheard-of within college ministry, but I’m not sure why we don’t see it a lot more. (Actually,  I have some ideas; that may be tomorrow’s blog.) What tools are available to your ministry’s students to point people they meet towards

  • More info?
  • Next steps?

Basically, the things you hand out during New Student Orientation or the first weeks of schools should (probably) be available to your students all school year long! Why not?

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