on the way to Brazil (or there)

Depending on when you read this (and if you read this Saturday at all), I’m either on the way to or in Brazil (or at least that’s the plan!).

I’ll be blogging heavily this week, and I should be able to keep up this site most of the week. But my “job” for the week is to blog over at http://plantingbrazil.wordpress.com. Even if you’re not completely interested in every experience from the trip, there will be plenty of posts about what we’re learning and seeing. So I encourage you to check that out.

Read the intro to what we’re doing – including our very special “tutor” on all things Missional – right here. We’ll be learning about college ministry in São Paulo and the possibilities for our own ministries back home, and you get to join in the fun.

But for now, I need to pay attention to our plane situation – DFW Airport has been crazy because of weather issues, so we’ve been delayed a couple of times already… So I’m gonna go ahead and schedule this post…


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