offering ourselves for outsourcing (a fundraising OR service fridea)

As Mark and I trekked across the Colorado School of Mines campus last week, we noticed a classic staple of collegiate worlds (many of them, at least): The Chalker.

While such legal graffiti artists often operate under cover of night, this gal spread her announcement unabashedly, in the bright light of day.

I noticed her art in several places. Yet I also noticed a different – but similarly colored – announcement also chalked in various places. So I wondered… Is it possible she’s double-chalking? Could she be advertising for both a sorority AND the Theater Department? And taking that one step further, what if her artistry has been hired, rather than volunteered?

(If you’re not particularly interested in the origins of my Frideas, the idea is coming right NOW!)

So here’s the Fridea that arose from those ponderings: Do college ministries ever offer services-for-hire to other campus organizations (of all kinds)? Or, could these things be offered as free, relationship-building service?

Plenty of campus ministries have stumbled upon unique skills, either among their students or among their staff. Perhaps a ministry is awesome at T-shirt design. Another may do a great job on fliers or other advertising (like the student in the photo). A lot of college ministers have an excellent web site designer in their ranks. There might even be ministries that do top-notch event-planning or fundraiser organizing.

Oh – and I bet some college ministries could offer some excellent private tutoring to Fraternity Row (for example). And if you, the college minister, happen to be really solid at making event-recap videos, is it possible some ministry would donate some cash, hiring you to spend a little time on something that would take them hours?

This is definitely one of the “weirder” entries in the Fridea file. But I bet there are sororities out there who would pay $100 for your student to design a great T-shirt. Or some students out there who would pay $50 to your ministry’s service project fund, for the benefit of that Interior Design major to help them set up their cute new apartment.

Or all that I’ve said could be offered as pretty awesome connect-us-to-others service. Whatever’s best in your context!

Zany, I know. Zany enough that I’ll stop here and let you run with this. But what if you taught students that – even now – their talents can be used for the Kingdom? (Not to mention the fact you’ll be helping your students build portfolios with their little business.) And what if you and your students found cool connections that benefited others, built relationships, and – if you do choose to accept donations – helped raise money for your important campus mission?


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  1. Ben

    I really like your thought process on this and is a realistic but equitable thing to reach out to people in a new way. If we don’t think of new ways to get our foot in the door to some of these areas, I think we just fall into the status quo.

    Good stuff Benson.

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