brazil missional trek: international college ministry exploration #1

A couple of months ago, I highlighted an opportunity for college ministers to travel with the International Mission Board to Brazil, to observe and participate in collegiate church planting taking place in the megalopolis of São Paulo.

It turns out the IMB graciously offered to bring me as their “blogger-in-residence” for the week. So I’ll be leaving this Friday, to spend a week on International College Ministry Exploration #1 – with 40+ other leaders, most of whom are directly involved in college ministry.

And here’s the kicker (for us who love learning college ministry): This trip is set up intentionally to gather missional and missiological methods that are transferable to our contexts back home. We’re even being regularly debriefed in Brazil by international missional church expert Michael Frost! So that means I should have plenty of opportunity to post learnings for our own college ministry contexts back here in the States (or Canada, or wherever you happen to be).

If you’re interested in peeking in on our entire adventure, you can check (or subscribe to) the official blog for the trip, Not only will I be sharing college ministry learnings, I’ll also post notes from our missional ministry discussions, details on partnership opportunities, testimonies of the adventures our group has, and info on what God is up to in some Brazilian postmodern church plants!

However, if you’re mostly just interested in the college ministry learnings, I’ll be posting that sort of thing over here at Exploring College Ministry. Just like on my Road Trips, I’ll post observations that seem most helpful, ideas that pop up as a result of my explorations, and the occasional update so you can follow along on the trek.

So… if you want the full dose, check in on both blogs regularly – each should be updated at least daily, if not more. But it’s up to you how much you want to join in on the adventure! Any way you go, this trip should be quite the opportunity for all of us to ponder some very cool areas of our field.

the basics of the trip

Over 40 college ministers, student ministers, and other leaders – from the United States, Canada, and Australia – will be joining local Christian workers in their daily adventures – whether that means exploring the city’s numerous college campuses, connecting with students, or visiting churches that meet in coffee shops, restaurants, or houses.

Through this experience, we hope to

  • learn transferable strategies for reaching postmodern people anywhere
  • recognize opportunities to partner with the work taking place in São Paulo
  • better understand what effective “missional” ministry involves
  • observe and celebrate all that God is doing in this magnificent place

Not only do we get to participate in the outreach taking place, but our adventure will be hosted by Christian collegiate church planters who have served Brazil for 15 years. Further, our group will be “debriefed” throughout the experience by Michael Frost, an internationally recognized expert on missional churches.


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