finale (a fridea)

If your campus runs on semesters, it’s likely your school year is almost finished. (For those on the Quarter System, you’re not too far behind.)

So this Fridea is one I urge you to use: Take a moment for celebration, for remembering, for “finale.”

Not all of us involved in the field of college ministry get to look directly at students each year in May and know, without a doubt, that we’ve had an impact.

But you probably do.

You’ve done some amazing things – even ultimately world-changing things – in the last 9 months. All those reasons we give for why college ministry matters – you’ve actually participated in that. That’s not just something we say to raise money; it’s not just theory. You have actually been fighting at the axis, at the hinge, of a thousand lives.

And you’re still alive.

And they’re more alive because of  you.

I hope you, your staff, your team, your student leaders – even your supporters and overseers – will celebrate your wins. I hope you’ll acknowledge – verbally, visually, explicitly – the good you’ve been a part of. And that on top of all of it, connecting joy with source and outcomes with immanence, you’ll thank thank thank thank thank Him.

Please don’t let the summer seep in before you’ve done this. You’ll forget. You’ll forget some of the little things that really weren’t so little, where moments brought a learning-explosion, where realization crept across a face, where some bit of new-found purity or commitment or direction popped up in a place (in a person) you weren’t expecting.

Unlike plenty of other ministries, we have an externally-imposed, rather strict rhythm to our work. And this is the finale time. So please… I beg you… make sure it looks like it.


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