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You may be well aware that most of my work for the field of college ministry the last few years has gone “unfunded” – or, more exactly, the funding is “delayed.” But for me to continue working to push our field forward, income matters. And it’s certainly my hope to find income that continues to allow me to live out my calling full-time

Interested in helping support the work of Exploring College Ministry?

Then hire me! – or connect me to others who would be interested in using my services.

In College Ministry, breadth matters. I’m able to help ministries in unique ways, because I can combine years of college ministry experience with an enormous array of observations and a broad understanding of contextual differences. In other words, my experiences allow for pretty unique brainstorming, assessment, question-asking, method-sharing, idea-generating, and more.

I’ve added a new “Hire Benson” tab at the top; it describes several ways I can help impact:

  • Site Visit / Consultation / Assessment (an extremely impactful opportunity)
  • Speaking
  • Quick “Audit” or Conversation (no travel required!)
  • Writing or Blogging Projects
  • Sharing the Value of College Ministry

And I’m always open to considering other options!

One of the best action steps could simply be to get in touch with me – and we can decide together how I can help your ministry, organization, or network.

Of course, there have always been brothers and sisters who have chosen to support me directly. If you’re interested in that – or, again, know someone who might be – read that info here.

If YOUR college ministry might want to hire me (or support me), please let me know! But just as I rely on college ministry’s “web of connections” when I take a trip or strive to learn new things, I need your help connecting to OTHERS who might want to hire me or support me financially. Know any people who might want to help impact the world by supporting Exploring College Ministry?

However you help, you’re simply helping me continue to invest in our field and push it forward! Thank you for all you’ve done already, including simply reading this blog. It means a lot.

See options for Hiring Benson here, or check the info on Supporting Me (financially and otherwise) here.


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