fourteen finale

Road Trip 14 came to a close last night, after 16 hard-fought, exciting-and-encouraging days of exploration!

So as you might imagine, I’ll be taking a couple of down-time days – but look for a recap of this phenomenal trip, sooner rather than later (probably Monday).

what i did: Until then, you can check out all the info at the Road Trip 14 page – including every campus I visited (all 23!), total mileage, and every college ministry visit. If you have any questions about any of it, feel free to ask!

what i wore: And last but certainly not least, I’ve updated the Campus Tribe of the Day photo album. Four months into 2010, we’re going strong – with garb from 120 awesome campus tribes! (And the recent 16 days of pics were taken “live on location” throughout the various venues of Road Trip 14!)

See all those great shirts right here.

Have a great weekend! Hooray for being home.

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