announcing: the casual Catalyst Conference college ministers cohort!

For a year or two, I’ve been pondering a little scheme that would add college ministry value to something already quite valuable. Several college ministers have already expressed an interest in this – and I hope YOU will consider hanging out with us this October.



If you’re unfamiliar with the Catalyst Conference, it’s the premier annual Christian leadership training event, held for over a decade now in the Atlanta area each fall. (October 6-8 are this year’s dates.)

The idea of the Cohort is simply to ADD VALUE for us who impact college students. If you’re a college minister already planning to attend Catalyst, now you’ve got the opportunity to hang out with others! And if you haven’t considered going to Catalyst… well, maybe this is the push you need!

Benefits to “cohorting?” There are plenty:

  • collaboration (including with some top thinkers and practitioners in our field)
  • lasting connections
  • potentially a cheaper rate
  • recognition from sponsors and organizers (I’ll be working on freebies and connections, but we’ll see)
  • and hopefully more!

The casual part of this “cohort” highlights that we’re simply adding value for those of us who attend Catalyst from the College Ministry profession. Two words: FREE and OPTIONAL. During the Conference, anything we do will be low-key, since the Conference itself is pretty intense. If we do more, it will likely be a day before or a day after.

Presently, Catalyst doesn’t even include “College Minister” as a registration option – but is that totally their fault? This is one chance to show other Christian leaders that we college ministers care about learning and leading alongside them – and that the work we do is truly vital.

For now, I’d love to hear if you’re interested – and please share any ideas you’ve got! But otherwise, just stay tuned. I will hopefully have more details in a week or two. I’m in contact with Catalyst about ways we can benefit as an official “Group,” so I’ll keep you posted!

Road Trip 14 recap, Day 13 (see all explorations here)
new campuses:
Sterling College (#14), Hutchinson Community College & Area Vocational School (#15), Newman University (#16), Wichita State University (#17)
yesterday: drivin’ kinda criss-cross through Kansas, with some great (last-minute-planned) college ministry explorations
today: I’ll start with Southwestern College in Winfield, KS, then on to the OKC / Norman area!


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  1. ashley williams

    Benson! I am working with Catalyst this summer as an intern. Email me and maybe I can help you with some things. When I applied, collegiate ministers were something I shared that I really wanted to help with and better equip!

    This is an awesome idea though!

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