table it up, on the flipside

For most of us in the college ministry world, Summer Break is just around the corner – and for others (like those on the Quarter System), it’s not that far behind.

“Tabling” is often a major part of recruitment efforts at the beginning of a semester – and even during summer freshman orientations. Alongside numerous other student organizations, we set up our booth and participate in one of the most impactful discipleship efforts we ever undertake: helping students make involvement choices.

So here’s the question: Have you ever thought about “tabling” at the end of the year?

I know it seems crazy to recruit “on the flip side” – but why? Why not get your foot in the door with

  • Students who are feeling empty at the end of yet another shallow school year
  • Students who have already begun “de-involving themselves” in another campus ministry because it’s not a fit
  • Students who have slacked off on their involvement with your campus ministry, but really just need a push to come back
  • Students who might be interested in any activities you have going on this summer (whether they’re generally a part of your group or not)
  • Anyone else who might be ready to give your ministry a look (or another look) – especially when they don’t have to wade through all the other tables, the new classes, and the front-of-semester decisions.

What if you gave it a shot, and tabled it up? On the flip side?

Written from Motel 6, Hays, KS

Road Trip 14 recap, Day 10 (click here for all explorations so far)
new state: Kansas (#4)
yesterday: left the snow of CO behind, drove to Kansas, and am laying low. Much needed rest.
today: Church, catching up on several things, & probably more rest.


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