road trip 14: some of the sights

Some of my views from this adventurous trip. It’s been a really big 9 days; this only scratches the surface.

What kind of great church leaves up the placards from the Ascent Conference? They mentioned God working through college ministry around the U.S. THREE times in the service I attended!

The Glen Eyrie castle at The Navigators HQ
Cadet Chapel at the Air Force Academy (Protestant chapel)

The Pagan Worship Circle recently instituted at the Air Force Academy, which led to quite the brouhaha in some quarters

One kind of work our college ministries - & our students - should be known for (this wasn't produced by a ministry, by the way)
I already blogged about this one.
Three of the better-known college-ministry-related large group services: Here, the Merge high school through young adult service of Flatirons Community Church...
...the Annex college ministry of First Presbyterian, Boulder...
...and The Mill college & young adults of New Life Church

Written from the Shaloskys’ house, Colorado Springs (these Cru staffers have been kind enough to host me!)

Road Trip 14 recap, Day 9
yesterday: was shocked and apalled by the heavy snow that fell much of the day. And I did some college ministry stuff.
today: Leaving Central CO, headed for Kansas and – presumably – less snow.


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