one form of campus citizenship (a fridea)

Why does it seem so much more common for college ministries to pray for change to come to the campus than for blessing to come to the campus?

I was reading a flier yesterday at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, and it was discussing upcoming Student Government elections. And it hit me: I wonder if anybody prays for this?

Now if I had to guess, I’d imagine that Student Government at UCCS isn’t considered that big a deal by the majority of students, similarly to perhaps most campuses. (But I’m just guessing.) And yet as citizens of our campuses, why wouldn’t we spend real time in prayer for the outcome of such elections?

How often do we pray for the present fundraising crisis, or about the ongoing construction on the Student Union Building, or for the Provost’s wife who is ill? When the College Bowl team wins state, or one of the professors is featured in an HBO movie, how regularly do we lift those things up in praise?

So that’s this week’s Fridea: Consider playing out your campus citizenship through purposeful prayer.

This idea may be simple, but we all know that prayer affects us. Help turn your college students into intercessors for all the needs of the campus (not just the spiritual ones), and watch your students fall in love with their tribe. And once they’re truly in love with their tribe, watch everything change.

Written from Colorado Springs

Road Trip 14 recap, Day 8
new campus: University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (#10)

dropped in on CCU chapel, then back to Navs HQ, and then I topped it all off with some time at UCCS with the Cru folks!
today: a few explorations around Colorado Springs – and hopefully more catching up on life & sleep


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