are you perhaps interested in a finals fridea?

Not every campus can handle college ministry activities during Finals Week, of course. Some really do go on “lock-down” as students labor away in the dark recesses of the libraries, their dorm rooms, or IHOP.

But for many campuses, the last week of the semester or quarter could be the PERFECT time to add something to the calendar. Have you thought about it?

Here are some Finals Frideas, just to get you going. Do what fits your group and your campus (whether or not it fits some calendar you designed at Christmas!)

  1. A finals study day (with food), like Blackhawk Church in Madison does.
  2. A perpetual game marathon. As students need to leave, new students step in. Remember your color or your team, and we’ll announce the winning team at the end of the week. (I’ve always wanted to do this!)
  3. Service to all the Finals-takers: anything from food to free Scantrons to free tutoring to free massages…
  4. A short (few-hour) Study Break (with food & games & other fun)
  5. Prayer – for, with, about
  6. 24/7 respite spot all week long
  7. Take a break from some or all of your regular activities, if that helps students most
  8. Quick road trip – to study (in a cool location) or not to study
  9. Mid-day “chapel” services on campus
  10. Print a handout on the spiritual aspects of finishing strong, studying hard, etc.
  11. Give students something to give their fellow classmates (candy?)
  12. Get together with other college ministers (while the mice are away, the cats will play?)
  13. Cheer academic excellence in obvious ways
  14. Teach students how to get more money for selling their textbooks
  15. Midnight stress relievers (B-Movies? Campus golf?)
  16. Camping on campus
  17. Reminding students to (and how to) stay healthy
  18. Prepare for the most amazing Senior send-off ever
  19. Prepare to host parents, families, and others well when they come for graduation
  20. Love on particular groups on campus in some of the above ways
  21. Moving-out help
  22. Tour high schoolers around campus
  23. Bring to campus: Local pastors, parents, youth pastors, and others who need to care more about the campus tribes. Offer a “vision experience” where they look to the busy-hurried-anxious-energetic fields, notice they’re white unto harvest, and help the labor to increase.

Thanks to Mark Warrington, my travelling buddy for this first leg of Road Trip 14, for helping me brainstorm this list!

Posted from Raton, NM

Road Trip 14 update
states: Texas (#1), New Mexico (#2)
campuses: Midwestern State University (#1), Amarillo College (#2), West Texas A&M University (#3)
tomorrow: finish our trip to Boulder with hopefully a few cool stops, then attending the first part of the Ascent Conference!


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  1. Some great ideas here Benson & Mark. Thanks!

    One of the things that we do at Belmont (a tradition started long before I arrived) is to host a ‘Late Night Pancake’ breakfast the eve of the start finals week.

    My first few years here we hosted this event in our space – a great opportunity to get students who might not be familiar with us, the things we do, or our space – in and looking around. And although it was great to get people into our space, our space was not well equipped for this kind of event – so the 300-350 students we would typically serve over the course of our 2 hour event might end up waiting on us while we attempted to locate and fix the circuits that had popped.

    Last spring, however, we decided to partner with the food provider on our campus – made use of the cafeteria space – and our numbers doubled – over 700 students served at our last two events! We had to be more creative in our publicity efforts to help students connect this event with university ministries, but it has been SO MUCH better.

    Our ‘Late Night Pancakes’ has also been a great event to invite other ministers (local church leaders and some of the other campus ministers), faculty and staff, and even recent alum to help serve pancakes, pour coffee and juice, clean up and extend encouragement to students.

    It can be hard to muster up the energy (and even desire) to host an event at the end of the quarter/semester/year… but the students love it! So if you can… you definitely should!

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