final blogference day AND first Road Trip 14 day

As I have begged and pled the last couple of days, I urge again: Involve yourself in the Campus Crusade Blogference!

Benefits to you and us as a field:

  • Collaboration across lines
  • Indication that we do, indeed, want more learning forums
  • And of course, solid learning from a wide variety of thinkers who have been posting (and commenting) at the Blogference

Remember, “success” over there is determined by how many people comment on all those posts. So you’ll encourage the organizers and the authors by reading and contributing. Questions, comments, even disagreements are all welcome.

The topics? Evangelism. Social Media & Ministry. Learning. Women in Ministry. Self-Development.

My post yesterday got some great comments – feel free to add to them!

Meanwhile, Mark Warrington and I will leave from Dallas about 9:30am. Next stop, Wichita Falls (if you know any college ministers or people interested in college ministry there, encourage them to come eat lunch with us – have them email me for info!).

Then… who knows? CSU Pueblo on Friday sometime; Boulder by Friday evening.

You can read the intro to Road Trip 14, or see all the ways to connect with this adventure.

I’ll keep you posted. For now, ENJOY THE BLOGFERENCE!

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