come party with me at the blogference

In case you haven’t heard, today through Thursday is the RE-Think Blogference – basically a mash-up of college ministry (and some other-ministry) thoughts from over a dozen authors (including yours truly). All housed in a blog.

Easy. Free. And BIG potential for learning.

I really want to encourage you to take a look and engage in the topics that interest you. The idea of a “blogference” is to read and comment, so go for it – with gusto!

[UPDATE 11am Central]: There are several great posts up there on Day 1! My personal favorites are Russ Martin’s encouragement to tithe our time online and a phenomenal post on using Facebook in college ministry – from a refreshingly studenty perspective. But that’s picking 2 out of five excellent posts, so I wouldn’t just limit yourself to those.

Remember, this is a rare chance for your voice to be heard by a broad range of college ministers – including quite a few in Campus Crusade. Ask questions, share ideas, share concerns, and learn. Just don’t forget to be a good guest!

Check in to the Blogference HERE. On Wednesday, I’ll be hosting one of the topics – but you should see me in the Comments each of the three days! Be sure to say hi – and as always, feel free to vociferously disagree with me. Or back me up. Whatever!

For more, check out the Blogference Facebook page – which includes nifty things like getting the content via RSS, etc.

The topics, to whet your whistle:

  • Evangelism
  • Social Media in Ministry
  • Moms, Wives, & Women in Ministry
  • Self-Directed Leadership Development
  • Getting Better at College Ministry through Collaboration (my topic!)

And if you need even more encouragement, read my post about the blogference from last week.

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