counting the ways to connect

Every once in awhile, I figure it’s helpful to post the various ways you can connect with me – and, more importantly, join me in this crazy adventure of exploring college ministry! (Plus, some of these are NEW.)

And as you may or may not realize, Road Trip Fourteen is right around the corner! I should have details on that posted tomorrow – but for now, some ways to maximize your participation in that trip – and all my other crazy adventures and learnings!

Campus Tribe of the Day!

This year, I’ve been taking daily pictures of my “garb” from the campus tribe, one T-shirt at a time – and you can see everything so far right here. (Not only do I post the pictures, but I post reasons for choosing the Campus Tribe each day!) It’s a pretty fun album, and I update it once or twice a week with the pictures I’ve taken recently. I also generally post the pics via Twitter on the day I take ’em. (Why I care about all these shirts.)

Enjoying the Blog Even Better

If you’re simply reading this blog on the page, that’s great! But there are other options that you might find even handier. For instance, using a Blog Reader helps you keep up with the posts you haven’t read yet – Google Reader is a very easy, very free one. (Here’s a one-minute video on using it.)

Or perhaps even easier is getting each day’s blog via email! (Just don’t forget, they come each day.) You can sign up on the left side of the blog, under “Get Posts via Email.”

Facebook Group: Exploring College Ministry with Benson

Often, the Facebook Group is the first to know of especially big news, and the group is often really helpful at providing me with direct contacts while I’m on my road trips. But this is also a good place to be if you want the major info, but don’t get to read the blog regularly. I won’t fill up your Facebook inbox; it’s mostly limited to the big stuff.

Messaging and Such

I’m always happy to field emails, and Facebook messages are even easier to handle. I do sometimes get a bit behind, but I really enjoy hearing from you guys – and answering any questions I can! See my contact info here.

Twitter = Twenty-Four / Seven

Not really. When I’m home in Dallas, I’m not a particularly heavy Twitterer. But I definitely rev it up for my trips, ’cause that’s when my life gets a more interesting! So with Road Trip 14 approaching, if you want to follow my feed or just want to check in on my explorations on occasion, you can – right here.

Road Trip 14!

Finally, you’ll be able to keep up with the details of Road Trip 14 at the official RT14 page. As always, I’ll be posting the campuses and states I visit, the college ministry experiences and people I encounter, and the churches I attend! (And if you’re in the mood for details before that page gets some info, you can always check out the itineraries of the Yearlong Road Trip and Road Trips 11, 12, and 13.)


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  1. Angel2


    I wanted to let you know that my husband’s best friend Brady Sharp does college ministry at First Baptist Church Witchita Falls. My husband grew up ion W-Falls. Brady is a great guy, and I think the two of you would love hanging out.

    I actually did a college conference for the college ladies at their church earlier this year- sweet group.

    I think it’s so cool that you get to do this!


    Email me if you’d like the contact info.

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