fresh eyes (a fridea)

I bumped last week’s Fridea up to Thursday, and now this week’s got bumped back to Saturday! Chaos! In any case, here’s yet another Fridea – a college ministry idea usually designed to stretch, inspire, or – at the very least – simply help!

While I’m clearly a big proponent of observing others’ college ministries and collaborating with college ministers both inside and outside your own circle, today’s Fridea takes the opposite tack toward campus ministry improvement.

That idea? Bring in a set of “fresh eyes” to check out your ministry from any (or every) angle.

Sometimes our college ministries need new ideas, but other times they need to tweak, discard, refresh, or otherwise change the present forms in the ministry. But noticing what we haven’t noticed is, by definition, a little tricky – so we can ALL use an outsider’s perspective. And that’s even true if you’re using tried-and-true methods shared by many in your organization!

Here’s one example: Your college ministry’s web presence. Do you know how many errors (or turn-offs) I find as I scroll through college ministries’ web pages? Yet I can understand why “regulars” and staff might never pick this stuff out. Without fresh eyes, gaffes and gimpiness could last for years!

What about your Large Group Meeting? How does it really look to an outsider? Or your recruitment plans for the Fall? Sure, you guys like ’em, but is there anything awkward you’re not noticing? There’s no reason simply to rely on insiders, whether they be students or staff.

Honestly, this Fridea perhaps offers bigger rewards than most “big new ideas” you could implement. So whether it’s through a “secret shopper” at Large Group, a “fly on the wall” at Staff Meeting, a college minister buddy from another campus scrolling through your web page or sitting in for a day, or some other form… this is a pretty easy way to improve your ministry.

Of course, if you’d ever be interested in an outsider visiting your ministry and bringing both uber-observation and uber-ideas, let’s talk about it! I am very open to helping college ministries in that way – and have had some unique experiences that can help me do it well. (But I promise, that’s not why I posted this Fridea!)


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