big learning at the blogference next week

Next week brings us to the Third Annual Blogference, three days (April 13-15) of hosted forums designed as an online “conference” for college ministers. While the Blogference is organized by Campus Crusade, the organizers are very purposely encouraging all of us to participate! While some of it will come from CCC’s standpoint and have their “flavor,” that’s a cool thing – it’s yet another chance for some good cross-culture campus ministry collaboration.

I have the honor of “hosting” one of the topics for a day (and that’s one evidence that they’re widening their circle!). The topics include:

  • Evangelism
  • Social Media in Ministry
  • Moms, Wives, & Women in Ministry
  • Self-Directed Leadership Development
  • Getting Better through Collaboration (my topic!)

This sort of thing is a great chance to help move our field towards greater collaboration. It’s hard to blame certain campus ministries for being standoffish, if we won’t take opportunities to share our wisdom with them when the opportunity arises. Would you consider helping our field in this way?

As an outsider to Cru (like many of you), I’d encourage you to consider that this is a rare chance to learn from some extremely skilled college ministers. At the same time, you’ll be learning a little more about Campus Crusade, which likely has a chapter on your campus! And it’s a chance to ask questions about – or even challenge the assumptions of – college ministers outside your own circle.

For maximum involvement, you’ll need to plan to be involved. I’d suggest setting your phone alarm for 3 times (at least) during that day, to read posts and comments – and to comment yourself. I know we all have stuff to do, but this is a FREE and EASY chance to attend major college ministry training.

How to plug in now:

  1. Please consider letting those in your circle AND on your campuses know!
  2. Bookmark the Blogference Site
  3. Join the Blogference Facebook Group
  4. Follow the Blogference on Twitter

Need more convincing? Below is Brian Barela’s two-minute intro, you can check out “3 Reasons Why Your Comments are Vital to the CCC Blogference,” and you can see the panel of next week’s authors!


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  1. SO EXCITED for this benson!

    let me just affirm everything benson said, ESPECIALLY that you are welcome to participate and comment.

    ccc has so much to learn from other ministries, and this format makes it extremely easy to share what you’re learning, what’s working for you, questions, ideas, etc.

    please take this as a personal invitation to join us!

  2. I’m an author at the upcoming CCCBlogference and although I’m an old crusty insider to CCC as a student; I’m very much an outsider now being a wife to a Navy Pilot and stay-at-home Momma to 3 boys. Not to mention social media didn’t even exist during my college years.

    But with every journey of leading and serving for Jesus, I want to stay involved with the Kingdom’s work. That’s why I’m excited about the Blogference…what an opportunity to be equipped for the Kingdom!

    Can’t wait!

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