the best 3-minute apologetic for the glories of college ministry

From the very beginning of the video, with dancers and band, bulldog and Bearkat, try watching this like a Missions Recruitment video. But instead of India or Uruguay, we’re being recruited for the Campus Tribes:

How can we not but turn the world on its ear, as we labor among these amazing tribes?

I recognize that some are panning this year’s version of “One Shining Moment” – good thing we have twenty-something years’ worth to watch, should the mood strike us. As I annually watch this amazing montage (which is somehow wrapped up within about 15 minutes after the final game), I can’t help but:

  1. Tear up. Really. Every time.
  2. Ask, as I tweeted last night, “Who are we, that we have been chosen to minister in a field with this kind of energy, passion… & a billion one shining moments?”
  3. Hope that our drive and focus and excitement and creativity and brilliance as college ministers might one day rise to match the amazing field to which we’re called.

We should be thankful we get to labor here, and help call others to this noble (but awesome) task!

(You can look at the whole Tourney through the eyes of a college minister, in this year’s version of my short “Sixty-four” essay. And if you know somebody who needs to love what we do, point them there – or for a bigger view, to Reaching the Campus Tribes. Both free, of course.)


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