crazy collegian-lovin’ combo (a fridea for this summer)

Yes, this is a Fridea on Thursday. But with many enjoying an extended holiday weekend, I figured I would bump this one up.

For many college ministries, summertime seems like the Great Untapped Moment. Certainly, there are some who do a whole lot during the summer – and other ministries that have something taking place for local students. Church-based ministries often run at full-steam (or fuller-steam) during the summer.

Yet from a different standpoint, it still seems like many of the actual, individual college students have a “falling through the cracks” ministry experience each summer – unless they have the opportunity to do a Summer Project, work at a Christian camp, or go on a mission trip. Summer isn’t always the easiest time to find a college ministry experience, because

  • fewer students are around
  • students are in their hometown, rather than at their school
  • fewer leaders are around
  • everybody has a casual but often interrupted schedule

…but summer also provides some of the BIGGEST potential, simply because of the amount of time available to the students (and leaders). Jesus can do some pretty awesome things in those three months!

So this week’s Fridea offers one potential way to help this happens with students in your town. It won’t fit every ministry, but the Frideas rarely do.

Combine forces with other local college ministries.

Could InterVarsity, Campus Crusade, and Chi Alpha get together for weekly large group meetings over the summer? Sure they could.

Could First Baptist’s college ministry and RUF go to some baseball games together? Absolutely.

Could Christian University’s spiritual life department coordinate some small group Bible studies with Community Church’s college ministry and any other students who happen to be home for the summer? Sure!

Could a mission trip, road trip, service project, Bible study, or disciplemaking system provide something worth gathering around in unison? It could indeed!

The point is asking what will love collegians in your ministry and collegians in your town the most. Whether in a few things or even one big combo, it’s worth considering if this is that method.

It’s crazy, but with student shortages and staff shortages and calendar randomness, it could be the perfect way to keep students abiding in Jesus and catalyze them for an outstanding Fall 2010.

Anybody ever seen this? Anybody brave enough to try it?


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