weekly review, what an awesome tourney edition

What else could be said about this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament? It’s been phenomenal, and I hope it’s a cool chance for you to revel in the awesomeness of this portion to which God has called us.

Other than that note, I’m going to jump right in to this week’s review of some of the great content from the college ministry blogs around the internet! And because of Spring Break last week, this one’s bursting at the seams with two weeks’ worth of great stuff! (Be sure to check out the bottom, where I link to great college ministry methods as well as books worth checking out for you or your students.)

And away we go…

connected to the ncaa tournament: An awesome Wall Street Journal article explains how the game of basketball originated from college ministry! Then, the New York Times checks out how John Calipari uses social media. (Hat Tip for both of those links to Emerging Scholars.) Lance Crowell offers some college ministry events that could tie in to the remaining tournament games. I provide some links to other various stories – even a short essay – right here. On top of all that, Tim Ehrhardt examines how this year’s gorgeous Cinderella, the University of Northern Iowa, provides traits campus ministries can learn from.

scripture for campus ministry: We need more of this! Billy Crain examines planting, watering, and trusting God about growth – from I Corinthians 3:6 – on the RUF Blog. And Michael Mears riffs on Acts 19:26-27, wisely dreaming of great college ministry that leads to a decrease in idol-purchasing.

understanding millennials: A simple & very helpful quiz by the Pew Research Center: How Millennial are You? provides a lot of understanding (about several generations) along the way. (HT: Emerging Scholars) Tim Elmore, meanwhile, looks at the problems associated with “extended adolescence” – starting here and continuing here.

and more college student understanding: Tom Greentree very intriguingly asks, “Are college students homeless?” Meanwhile, Mark Parker suggests that college ministers have at one thing to offer college students that they desperately need: skill in Discernment.

no more boredom (why speaking well matters in college ministry): A well-developed article on the topic, by a smart college minister who happens to be well-known for his speaking ability: Curt Harlow.

backwards college ministry: I finally started posting about one of the principles most fundamental to my understanding of college ministry. That series is still underway, but you can read the first installment and the second!

various tensions when working with college students: Guy Chmieleski remembers an enormously important discussion he had as he began college ministry – about the under-discussed tension of sexual purity in college ministry. On a related topic, he also examines how to wisely let students in to our lives. Another tension is explored as Guy gives a very timely encouragement to avoid “auto-pilot” after Spring Break. And finally, he shares his own longtime view on how we’re supposed to have a healthy life balance in the midst of our work.

How-tos, Big Ideas, and other Methods posts

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  1. Interesting that we just ‘doubled-down’ on our leadership team this spring. I’m hoping it adds more accountability to our group and aides them in delegating more and thus creating a wider net of leaders.

    Thanks as always for your hard work and research.

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