would you want the bold-statement truth?

“Tell us where we really stink” and “You don’t have to sugar coat it” are two near-quotes from my experience yesterday dialoguing with a few local college ministers about their campus ministry. We talked (and I drew on a whiteboard) for about four hours total, and these guys were hungry to think about improvement.

“Sell me on that” was something else they would say, when they weren’t sure why I might make a certain statement. (And I know I definitely had a few surprises in there.)

They were, in other words, engaged in the process of thinking well outside their usual game plan. And they wanted to find out truth about their ministry, no matter the annoyances in the process.

If you had the chance, would you want to know the truth about your college ministry?

That’s not an easy question to hear, or an easy question to answer. But if we’re going to make Aggressive Progress – which, I argued in the book, is part of a missiological approach to college ministry – we have to answer Yes at some point.

(And that “some point” will probably have to come before the Aggressive Progress does.)


Of course, there are several ways to go about finding out those truths. But if I can ever help you think about questions – and answers – about your college ministry, let me know. There are some cool options for getting that done.

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