breaking for the break

It seems that this week is generally the most common Spring Break for campuses. So in light of the fact that many of you are on Spring Break presently and all of us should be busy filling out our NCAA Brackets, I’m going to take a little blogging break of my own.

Plus, for those on Spring Break last week, it might be a chance to catch up on posts you missed (if you’re so inclined).

So enjoy this week, whatever that means for you! And if you are indeed in a reading mood, here are some of the best recent posts and other things worth checking out:

why college ministry matters, courtesy of the NCAA: If you missed yesterday’s “vision trip” to this year’s Tournament (or if you haven’t passed it on), it’s right here: “Sixty-four: A Vision Trip.”

40 variations: The most popular recent post was “40 Decisions You’ve Made about Your College Ministry’s Large Group Meeting.” It might surprise you to see how many common variations are out there – for the most common staple of the campus ministry world, the large-group gathering.

campus tribe of the day: As you may or may not know, I’ve been celebrating a different school every day, thanks to my immense piles of campus garb. You can see the fruits (so far) in this photo album.

if you missed last week: If you do need to catch up on the musings from last week, we looked at some pretty stretchy stuff – including what college ministry in other countries might look like, how to help students with dietary restrictions, why I think college ministry is very worth believing in, and imagining what it might mean to “proselytize” Christian college students.

big frideas: The last three Frideas have involved an interesting Student Leader position, the value of a campus Passport Drive, and serving college students when they’re sick.

missional college ministry: Even though it was posted in February, my post of important questions for helping campus ministry advance in its “missionality” continues to draw a lot of views. And while I’m on the topic, check out how college ministry already models pretty strong missional methodology in”All I Really Needed to Know about Missional Community I Learned in College Ministry.”

for even more reading (and reading from other people!): Here are all the recent wrap-ups of great college ministry discussions from around the interwebs, so you can click and read to your heart’s delight!


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