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As I noted last week, I’m trying to spend some major time tying up loose ends – all million (or so) of them! That includes combing back through long-ago-saved web pages.

And after posting some of my (re)discoveries last week, I figured I would share some more of the fruits with you. Though I may sound a bit mocking in my title, these are honestly some pretty interesting and useful things – including free media resources, a discussion of missional college ministry, a campus ministry evangelism tool, and more!

Stuff I You Can Use: “Stuff I Can Use” is the very cool site of free resources designed (for their use, and then provided for everybody else) by the college / young adult ministry at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville.

Missional Campus Ministry, San Fran style: Apparently this article (a PDF) is the 5th version of “Missionality in Campus Ministry,” written by the San Francisco regional team of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Sex & the Soul… and Students: I posted a bit on Donna Freitas a while back; her talk at nearby SMU was honestly pretty fascinating. This Catholic prof has done some really interesting work looking with students at the interplay of sexuality and spirituality. Here’s her book on Amazon. [I just realized Heart of Campus Ministry reviewed this book this week, too: check that out here.]

Kevin Roose at Liberty: If you never got to read about the “irreligious” student from the quite irreligious Brown University going undercover (as a Christian) at Liberty University… it’s an interesting story, for sure. (I got to chat with them about it when I was at Liberty, too, which was fascinating.)

Four Circles Evangelism, covered by CT: Honestly, this new(ish) evangelistic tool, created by InterVarsity, is probably one of the most important “news items” in the world of college ministry in the last couple of years. If you’re unfamiliar with the tool – or the theological shifts behind it – it could be really good to catch up.

The Structure of Wesley Foundation at UGA: One of the largest college ministries in the U.S. puts its structure in a basic flowchart? Of course we’ll want to take a look, even if this particular update is a few years old!

Article for sharing the importance of college ministry: College Ministries: I Am a Big, Fat Liar” in the Presbyterian Outlook from a couple of years ago is a rather impressive argument for what we do… especially for church leaders.

Want even more? There’s always the post from last week, with 6 additional resources rescued from the past!


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