weekly review, tiny month edition

Annually, I’m thrown off by the fact that February is so stinking short. Monthly payments, appointment scheduling, procrastination – all important activities, and all are perverted by having a month that’s a week shorter than the other months. Approximately.

Do you realize that even though today is the middle of Feburary, Monday = March? Ridiculous!

So if you happen to be reading this on Monday or Tuesday, here’s what I encourage you to remember: Even though this wrap-up of recent online discussions is dated February 27th, that’s only a few days ago! You are not as behind as you may think!

All kidding aside, this is a tiny month. But there have still be some great, college-ministry-related discussions within it. Here are some from the second half that might prove helpful!

specific methods (Hooray for ministers detailing their activities!)

religion within the university: First, John Stackhouse just yesterday posted his thoughts about public prayers in the context of a secular university, etc. But religion’s role within university settings has been popular topic of late, and Emerging Scholars Network has provided some great coverage: Here’s a post looking at the question of “Christian privilege” within colleges, and another one with several links on the role of religion within higher ed.

starting a college ministry, continued: Brian Barela continues his excellent posts on starting a campus ministry with a discussion on student-selection – and gets, as he often does, some really helpful comments.

missional campus ministry: Betsy Prosise does a great job of reflecting on college ministry while she’s being trained for ministry. The other day, she noted how campus ministers should be “cross-cultural” in their approach to the campus.

on the college students we serve: Collin Hansen offers a strong summing-up of Smith and Snell’s Souls in Transition, looking at five myths of young adult spirituality. Mark Warrington observes the Millennial desire for community and how that fleshes out in both “Glee” and “Community.” Guy Chmieleski discusses the impact of the “prolonged adolescence” college students experience (well into their 20s), introducing the topic and then offering his own insights. And I reflect on students’ “hunger for their souls”, starting from an interesting quote from a wall at Reed College.

overcoming obstacles to the change you want to lead: Brian Barela provides a helpful, hard-learned theory on how to get change to actually occur, despite overseers who might be… resistant. Good comments, too.

evaluating your college ministry: Guy Chmieleski offers an important reflection on whether our ministries are really impacting our students – and some thoughts on three things that should be taking place.

church history and campus ministry: It’s certainly some “inside baseball” stuff, but Heart of Campus Ministry has produced some neat posts (from Mike Armstrong and from Tim Hawkins) on how being a part of their fellowship of churches (the Independent Christian Church) impacts the ministry to collegians. It’s the kind of discussion that’s really valuable for our field!

reflections on Jubilee (A college ministry conference with lots to offer all of us)

For the last run-down of important discussions, click here – after all, that was still within this tiny month!


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