i feel sick (and thus a fridea)

I was planning to use this week’s Fridea to ask what you’re doing to spice up Spring Break (what are you doing to add a little “extra” to Spring Break, by the way? My church’s college ministry holds an annual creative-picture-wearing-our-T-shirt contest!), but my runny eyeballs and scratchy throat have me thinking in a different direction.

This week’s Fridea: Develop a standard operating procedure for serving students when they’re sick.

Families pile on the love when their members are sick, so I figure it’s something we could do, too. It’s a chance to serve your flock – whether it’s as simple as having a stash of Get Well Soon cards ready to send, or it’s something extravagant like sending in the troops to take class notes for students while hand-delivering an electric blanket and chicken soup (or whatever their mom says they might enjoy).

Of course, your ability and mobility in this are contextual; it’s one of those interesting ways a smaller group may actually be stronger, I’d imagine. There might also be different degrees of “love” depending on the level of sickness.

In cases of particularly great illness or tragedy, any of our ministries should be ready with big-time hospitality and soul-care. But being sick tonight – in a minor but annoying way – helped me realize how simple but encouraging our little spoonfuls of sugar might be, when it comes to helping the medicine go down.

If my head hasn’t exploded, look for some additional thoughts on some fun things to do. Or, you can add your own – what are the best ways people have taken care of you when you’ve been sick?

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  1. great idea benson.

    this brings up a broader issue critical for college ministry–understanding “cycles of momentum”–the different seasons w in the school year.

    from late october until december semester schools (like chico state where i’m at) experience a significant “down” season. there are usually a few weeks where everyone is sick to some capacity.

    it’s been helpful to 1–discern when those times usually occur and 2–prepare activities that are meaningful and contextualized to those needs.

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