upcoming (is it on your calendar?)

Occasionally, we have opportunities to instruct college students when they’re particularly open, particularly interested, or particularly available. If we indeed strike while the iron’s hot, our impact might be greater and/or our draw – even among outsiders – might be stronger.

I know how busy all college ministers get. Sometimes we miss chances ’cause they simply pass us by. So in hopes of serving you guys, here’s a little rest-of-the-semester calendar that might prove helpful, for planning ministry events or even connecting with the rest of campus in a unique way. (And you can help – see the Qs at the bottom!)


  • Of course, we’re already mid-Lent, but that’s often a popular ministry opportunity.
  • February 27th: Purim starts at sundown on Saturday the 27th, so something on Esther could be a bonus. (Or for you church-based college ministers still scrambling for a talk for this Sunday…)


  • Thursday, March 4th: The Office airs its Jim-and-Pam-have-a-baby episode. An hour. A great watching party opportunity. Or a talk on babies.
  • Sunday, March 14th and beyond: March Madness officially begins on Selection Sunday, March 14th. The first NCAA Tournament games happen that week. So there are quite a few opportunities there – for hanging on campus while students watch the games, hosting a watching party, taking a road trip to see the tourney in action, or – of course – having a ministry-wide Bracket Challenge.
  • Wednesday, March 17th: St. Patrick was truly an amazing individual. Sharing about his life could be a win – and, believe it or not, college students these days can get pretty excited about church history.
  • Sunday, March 28th: Palm Sunday and the beginning of Resurrection Week. Lots of ministries use this week in some cool ways.
  • Monday, March 29th: Passover begins at Sundown. More teaching opportunities, or (combined with Easter) discussions of Jewish-Christian aspects. You could even look into hosting a Seder – or attending one with a local synogogue, Hillel group on campus, or local Messianic Jewish congregation.


  • Thursday, April 1st: April Fool’s Day. Possibilities of interesting teaching tie-ins or campus-wide hijinks abound.
  • Friday, April 2nd: Good Friday.
  • Sunday, April 4th: Easter Sunday.
  • Also Sunday, April 4th: Opening Day, Major League Baseball. (HT: D. Merricks)
  • Thursday, April 15th: Tax Day. I can definitely see this setting up interesting service projects among your students or with the community. (HT: Bob Wreidt) Bob also reminded me that some restaurants or other orgs might do special things on this day – worth tying into!
  • Thursday, April 22nd: Earth Day. Regardless of your thoughts on the environment and its care, this is likely a cool opportunity to connect with your campus.


  • Wednesday, May 5th: Cinco de Mayo. Sounds like fun, diversity, or something else awesome. Or participating with others who are enjoying the awesomeness.
  • Sunday, May 9th: Mother’s Day. Great for teaching about family, creating opportunities for students to serve their moms (even extra-valuable right before they head back home), or at least reminding students!

Share your thoughts:

  1. Anything I’m missing?
  2. Want to share your methods for any of these activities? I’d love to highlight them (and you!) on this blog!


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  1. I loved this post, Benson. Super helpful.

    In an effort to add to the cause: April 15th is tax day, and I’ve heard that Chipotle gives out free burritos on that day. We did free Chipotle night on Halloween (if you dress up in foil they give you a free burrito) as an easy hang-out time, which worked well for us.

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