another grab bag from jubilee (day 2)

(These are thoughts from Day 2 of Jubilee; for thoughts from Day 1, click here.)

I speak today at 9am Eastern. Really excited about this.

But yesterday, Day 2 of CCO’s Jubilee Conference, was the only FULL day of this thing – and it was plenty good explorin’.

Some various notes on things you might find helpful or interesting:

  • I won’t re-write much of what I tweeted, so if you want to see THOSE (rather sleepy) adventures (including songwriter Sarah Masen, a poetry seminar that was mostly way over my head, and a death threat from the main stage, you can see them here (in backwards chronological order, of course).
  • One of the seminaries who has college ministry courses (and a great professor, Chris Kiesling) is Asbury Theological Seminary. They’ve got a booth here, so I wanted to give them a shout-out for supporting our field in that way!
  • I enjoyed Steve Lutz’s seminar for college students about discerning whether they might be called to campus ministry. I don’t know if he’ll blog it or not, but in case he does (or has any other wrap-ups of Jubilee), I highly encourage you to watch his blog for the next few days. (And then for the next few years after that, of course, ’cause he writes great stuff.)
  • Meanwhile, Steve also participated in a seminar yesterday afternoon that’s a little surprising for a Christian college ministry conference: A dialogue with atheists! If you’re unfamiliar with Jonathan Weyer, he has built quite an interaction with skeptics at Ohio State and, from that, even nationally. So he hosted a couple of famous ones here at CCO. Don’t know if he (or Steve) will blog it, but I bet somebody does – you can be watching Jonathan’s blog here.
  • I think I’ve finally gotten in the habit of spelling Pittsburgh correctly. That “H” really throws me.

Byron Borger’s second and third rounds of suggested resources. Sorry my notes are a little rugged, but you can Google ’em, right?

  • Deep Church by Belcher
  • The Gospel according to Lost by Seay
  • The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness by Opitz & Melleby (yep, again)
  • Engaging God’s World by Plantinga
  • The Fabric of Faithfulness by Garber
  • Culture Making by Crouch
  • Make the Impossible Possible by Strickland
  • The Poor Will Be Glad by Greer & Smith
  • Angry Conversations with God by Isaacs
  • Amena Brown spoken word CDs
  • Justin McRoberts’s album of cover songs
  • Through the Eye of a Needle (about Haiti)
  • Here I Am by Schultze
  • Don’t Waste Your Life by Piper – with a special shout-out to the “Serving God from 9 to 5” chapter
  • The Call by Guinness
  • Reordered Loves, Reordered Lives by Naugle – about vocation and passion?
  • The True Story of the Whole World – introduction to Bible study
  • The Well summer Bible study (around Pittsburgh with the CCO)
  • Ruth: The Story of God’s Unending Redemption by Wauzzinski (released 2 days ago)
  • Jesus & Jigga (theological study of Jay Z)
  • A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Don Miller

(These are thoughts from Day 2 of Jubilee; for thoughts from Day 1, click here.)

Written from the Jubilee Conference, David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA


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