first day of jubilee

(These are the thoughts from Day 1 of the Jubilee Conference; for my thoughts from Day 2, click here!)

Yesterday was one of the crazier days in my recent explorations, as I took a flight from Dallas to Pittsburgh (via Charlotte). There was a crazy bagel-thing and a haircut in there, too.

Some other high points, followed by some of the best discoveries and rediscoveries for college ministries at Day 1 of the Coalition for Christian Outreach’s Jubilee Conference.

4 Things:

1. It was weird to realize that I’ve taken 3 flights in about 3 months… after taking 3 flights in the 3 years before that. I tend to be more of a “ground guy,” as you know. But flying is nice for a change.

2. Upon landing in Pittsburgh, I helped Deahna Calgaro (of the CCO) and David Kinnaman (yes, that Dave Kinnaman) circle the airport in a minivan. Until we picked up Jim Belcher (yes, that Jim Belcher). Then Jim B. and I wandered the airport for awhile looking for David Naugle, but it turns out he had taken a taxi to the hotel. But we then picked up David Greusel, the lead architect of Minute Maid Park (yes, that Minute Maid Park) and PNC Park (yes, that PNC Park).

It was a bit surreal. Fun conversations on the way into downtown.

3. I’m tweeting the conference, of course. It’s not exactly “live-tweeting,” if that means sending 10 quotes for every talk. Instead, I’m writing some highlights and anything I think you might particularly enjoy. Read those at Or, you can see everybody’s thoughts using the #j2010 hashtag.

4. If you think about it, could you be praying for me between now and Sunday morning? I’ll be speaking at 9am Eastern Time, and I’d like to continue honing that talk throughout today. I’m speaking to college students (and maybe some leaders) about the wide, wide, wonderful world of campus ministry!

Of course, you can also pray that I’d spend this conference observing, exploring, learning, and connecting in ways that help our field!

Key (Re)discoveries:

  • Gift Card Giver: Amazing charity that it would be so easy for your college ministry to connect to, and they work to make it even easier for campuses
  • COMMENT Magazine: I had a great chat with what appeared to be most of their leadership team. The magazine seeks to present fresh Christian intellect for impactful consumption by other thinkers, opinion leaders, and culture shapers. I knew about ’em before, but the conversation made me want to revisit what they’re doing.
  • Don’t forget: RTS Charlotte now has an Institute for Reformed Campus Ministry.
  • Two projects your students could consider for their after-graduation sojourn: Teach for America, Mission Year.

the books Byron Borger promoted

You might have seen me mention Byron Borger and Hearts & Minds Books on here before. He’s a real hero among certain college ministers, well-regarded as a bookseller who knows his craft and does it with excellence. His regular “book selections” at Jubilee are quite popular, too.

Here are his from tonight (sorry for those that are incomplete; I’ll try to update soon)

  • Halos and Avatars
  • some green book about Revolution
  • The Fight
  • Rouault
  • Let Justice Roll Down
  • Follow Me to Freedom
  • Creation Regained
  • Heaven is a Place on Earth
  • After World View
  • The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness

(These are the thoughts from Day 1 of the Jubilee Conference; for my thoughts from Day 2, click here!)

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