crash the party (but in a good way) – a fridea

When I visited Cornell last semester, Chi Alpha Campus Pastor Matt Herman shared an excellent idea that I wanted to pass on as this week’s Fridea:

Allow your group to bless others with en masse attendance!

Matt’s idea involved occasionally finishing their large group meeting early, in order to join another campus organization’s activity. For instance, they had noticed an organization devoted to playing the card game “Mafia” – and they imagined it might be really fun for the Mafia Club if an extra 20 people showed one night!

Recitals – of any kind – are another time when simply having numbers is a blessing – even if the performer isn’t in your group (and especially if they are!). So too are all those activities the administration attempts to rev up school spirit (especially at campuses where school spirit is pretty minimal).

I bet that sorority down the street could use some extra hands for a service project, and that swing-dancing club might love to show a dozen new faces how it’s done. A senior art exhibition, a regular game of ultimate frisbee on the lawn, a campus lecture, a psychology student’s experiment… The moments when your “union” of Jesus-loving students could bless simply by their presence are numerous.

Is this a form of service? Outreach? Kindness? Campus integration? Building relationships? Whether it accomplishes one or all of those things, you might see if there’s a way your group could crash a few parties.

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  1. Fantastic! We’ve done this at times in the realm of service – helping strike the set after a play, for example – but some of those ideas are much more outside of the box than I’d considered before.

    I recently heard a friend talking about the “ministry of presence” in regards to someone that was going through a hard time (sort of like the week of silence from Job’s friends) but I think it could extend into a lot of other areas as well. Great idea, we’ll be talking about this in our next vision team meeting.

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