calling students to collegiate ministry

Depending on your experiences and your interactions with various ministries, the title of this post might annoy you a little bit. An over-emphasis by some ministries on pushing collegians into staff roles is fairly legendary.

At the same time, at least one campus ministry has made an effort to make sure it doesn’t overcorrect on this issue.

One of the pillars of Coalition for Christian Outreach is helping students participate with God in all spheres, helping them see that “secular” callings can truly be “sacred.” But the ministry has also recognized that emphasizing this might create the impression that being called into specifically ministry callings isn’t worth this same effort or focus. So at this year’s Jubilee Conference, CCO is introducing a Campus Ministry track alongside all the other callings they’ll be highlighting. Within that track, I’ve been asked to speak to students about the “wide, wide world of campus ministry,” and I’m pretty excited about it!

So since it’s on my mind, I want to throw a little challenge your way, as well as to ask for your thoughts.

the challenge: Are you introducing your students to the beautiful notion of a calling to college ministry? We need to help students recognize this as an exciting calling – and for some, as a lifelong calling. And when we do, our aim shouldn’t just be to help our own ministry get staff or volunteers, but to seed the entire field of college ministry with new, committed, faithful workers.

the help: As I continue to tweak what I’ll be sharing at Jubilee, I would love to get your input – whether you’ve been involved in college ministry for a long time or not! So here’s the question:

How would you (or how do you) encourage college students to think about college ministry as a future calling? What influenced you to join the ranks of college ministry, or what might have influenced you better? Additionally, what information about the national field of college ministry should I share for those considering this calling?

I’m speaking on Sunday, so I’d love to hear anything you’ve got before then. You can jot a note in the comments, or contact me directly!

It’s good for all of us to recognize that while God calls our students to all sorts of things after graduation, some of them may be called to serve as missionaries among the campus tribes. What an awesome opportunity we have… to help them consider this adventure!


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