weekly review, RIDICULOUS snow edition

I recognize that getting 12.5 inches in 24 hours isn’t RIDICULOUS for all of you. But for us here in the Dallas area, Thursday’s non-blizzard was still pretty shocking. And I made a snowman. A real fat one.

I now have a little cabin fever, especially after spending hours catching up on college ministry blogs… I haven’t been able to be as attentive the last two weeks as usual. But the fruit of my happy quest can be found below, in a round-up of some of the best college ministry discussions from the past two weeks! (And you can find a list of the best from this blog at the bottom!)

cool methods for you to steal contextualize: Eric Heistand, App State Cru staffer, shares one student’s (successful) vision to bring a whole campus to Haiti-help. (A great story pointed out by Ryan McReynolds.) Aaron Proffitt shares the web-enhanced, campus-wide spiritual Q&A their collegiate church in Tampa has started. Jason Yarnell from the NWMSU BSU has a phenomenal idea for getting everybody involved in the Super Bowl party (and it’s applicable to other sporting events your ministry enjoys, from your school’s own games to the upcoming Final Four…)

on evangelism: Campus Crusade Head of New Stuff (or something like that) Keith Davy announces a new spiritual-conversation-booklet called “Back Story,” explains the unique way it works, and even links to a PDF version. Looks neato. And Russ Martin shares a student’s simple request for apologetics materials – and not only receives some suggestions of sites, but also does a great job dissecting what the request reveals about Millennials.

two great series, continued: Matt McComas continues sharing his thoughts and asking great questions as he transitions from serving one big campus in Montana to the Metro Portland area. And Dave Milam continues the Art of Brainstorming series at Heart of Campus Ministry!

why the wandering?: Brandon Smith asks a question that’s always on all of our minds: Why do students flit between college ministries? And he gets some great answers in the comments!

brian’s bountiful blog: Among other great, thought-prompting posts, Brian Barela suggests a way we might promote an entrepreneurial culture among our students and leaders, and he encourages college ministers to SHARE.

the sharing: Veteran college minister Glen Davis (from Stanford Chi Alpha) must have listened to Brian’s encouragement to share, because he provides a treasure trove of collected essays, tools, and Bible studies.

urbana report: Andy Kim shares some (exciting!) results from Urbana and points to the full Urbana report.

when it doesn’t happen quickly: Happily, Guy Chmieleski has resumed blogging and shares a great perspective on the patience required when our ministries don’t grow and/or develop FAST.

fundraising, 2010: Steve Lutz writes (another!) provocative post on college ministry fundraising.

crossing cultures & collegiate ministry: College minister-in-training Betsy Prosise looks through College Ministry Lenses at a Cross-Cultural ministry course, and comes away with some great missiological observations about what we do.

transitioning delayed?: Rhett Smith examines whether social media keeps people from transitioning successfully (including from high school to college, and others). And gets a bunch of comments in reply.

on books: Tom Greentree of InterVarsity highlights I Once Was Lost, a book from two longtime college ministers that discusses five “thresholds” postmoderns cross on their journey toward Jesus. InterVarsity’s Emerging Scholars Network asks about the best books for Grad students – check out the comments so far, and add any suggestions of your own. (They did something similar for Undergrads awhile back – and came away with a great list.) Hearts & Minds provides a lengthy, well-annotated list of (more) Top Books from 2009.

or if you prefer talks: College minister Russ Martin provides the Top 5 Talks he heard in 2009.

as for Exploring College Ministry: ‘Round here, I’ve been discussing the missional and missiological aspects of college ministry quite a bit: learning from foreign missions, recognizing our missional prowess, and serious questions for those want to advance in being “missional.” I also began posting about listening to our constituents (and critics) – just like Domino’s! And the product placement continues, as we learn a little college ministry from Coca Cola.


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