on verge, if you’re interested

Today is the last day of the Verge Conference here in Austin, and it really has been a good time – even as I continue to look mostly through “College Ministry Lenses” at this great material. In case it’s been muddied, the basic focus of this conference has been how Christians can participate in reproducing, missional community.

As I wrote yesterday, of course we college ministers have been learning about this (some of us more, some less) for a really long time. It’s an interesting fact that I wish greater Christendom understood! (If it’s meaningful to you, would you consider passing it on to those in greater Christendom who do need to understand?)

(Update: I followed this post with some questions for those who want to help college ministry advance in its missionality!)

I don’t have too much to write at the moment, but here’s some places to look if you want to learn about Verge, etc.!

1. Mostly, you could just click over to Steve Lutz‘s blog today. He does a great job listing some resources for learning more about Verge. No need to reproduce that here – so check it out!

2. It helped me immensely to hear Alan Hirsch lay out his 6 ingredients of vibrant Missional Communities (which have actually provided the structure for the conference, too). Lists like that help me get my head around concepts. So in case you’re unfamiliar, like I was, here they are. And – again – note how much these sound like what various college ministries do pretty regularly:

  • Jesus is Lord (the centrality of Christ)
  • Disciplemaking (no matter the form this takes)
  • Missional Incarnational Impulse (going on their turf and being contextual)
  • Apostolic Environment (basically, means breeding creative ministry efforts)
  • Organic Systems (decentralizing leadership, among other things)
  • Community Task (being joined together as comrades-on-mission)

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